Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies


The Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Education was established in the academic year 1973/1974 and thirty-nine students joined it for study.

Departmental goal:

To prepare teachers of Arabic and Islamic studies (primary, preparatory and secondary) academically and professionally and edify them with linguistic, literary and Islamic materials so that they have command of the basics of Arabic and Islamic science.

Departmental mission:

      Preparing and training pre-university teachers who believe in their mission and who are able to work creatively and compete on the job market; and

      preparing researchers who are able to develop and implement knowledge in solving educational and social problems and provide specialized services and consultations through the Faculty's centers and special purpose units.

Departmental vission:

The Faculty of Education in Mansoura endeavors to achieve quality and distinction and hold a great standing on the university education map by providing a distinguished environment for university education, learning,  educational research, and university and community service in a way that qualifies it for local and international competition.

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