Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Department

The Mission

Preparing a qualified teacher both educationally and academically at a high degree of quality matching with the requirements of the job market and local needs, and who is able to employ technology at teaching and learning processes as well as encouraging scientific research which produces educational knowledge that contributes in solving the genuine educational problems and issues. This could be achieved through providing specialized services and consultations for the various social institutions.

The Vision

The vision of the Faculty of Education, Mansoura University is to become the most prominent and most qualified at preparing teachers programs at the local or the provincial levels and to achieve supremacy at the teaching and learning, scientific research, and serving the society. This could be fulfilled through high quality programs at all scientific fields and at all grades at the department in specific and at the college in general.

The Goals

Preparing teachers to work at various grades of educational institutions; increasing their proficiency; doing educational researchers; holding conferences, seminars and courses; and providing consultations for educational institutions.

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