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 The Faculty of education was established based upon the presidential decree No. 1088 in 1969 under the name of Teachers' Faculty which was affiliated to Cairo University. Then, In 1972, it became one of the faculties of Eastern Delta University which was established based upon the presidential decree No. 49. Soon after, another presidential decree was issued to change the name to be Mansoura University, the name of the faculty, in turn, was changed to be the Faculty of Education. It occupied a part of the building of Mansoura Secondary School for Men located at the intersection of Galaa St. and Ahmed Maher St. in Al Thanawiya District.

In 1988, the foundation stone of the new building of the faculty was laid to be at the university campus. In 1994, Professor Ahmed Amin Hamza inaugurated the new building of the faculty. Finally, three other buildings were added.   

Faculty Campus

 First Building

The Faculty Campus comprises three annexes:

The Northern Annex:

The Northern Building includes: Dept. of Educational Psychology, Dept. of Mental Hygiene, Dept. of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Dept. of Social Studies, Dept. of Educational Foundations, in addition to halls, classrooms, seminar halls, laboratories of Psychology, laboratories of science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), and rooms for teaching staff.


The Southern Annex:

The Southern Building includes: Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction, Dept. of Educational Technology, and Dept. of Foreign Languages, in addition to halls, classes, laboratories of Educational Technology, computer labs, language labs, rooms for teaching staff in these departments, and finally the Faculty library which occupies the first floor.

The Middle Annex:

The Middle Floor comprises the faculty main entrance, office of Faculty Dean, Hall of Faculty Council, offices of Vice-Deans, office of Dean Secretary, offices of Vice-Deans Secretaries, English labs, computer labs for undergraduate students, rooms of teaching staff, halls of examinations and classrooms.


Second Building:

The second building comprises Quality Assurance Unit, Administration of Graduate Studies, Administration of Students’ Care, Office of Subsidization and Publication of University Books, Games Hall, Dr. El-Negeahy amphitheatre, and Dr. Sayed Khairallah amphitheatre.


Third Building:

The Third Building comprises Students’ Affairs, and the administrative units in the faculty.


Fourth Building:

It comprises Microteaching classrooms.


Academic Degrees granted by the Faculty of Education:

at the Undergraduate Level:

    Bachelor of Science and Education

    Bachelor of Arts and Education


At the Graduate Level:

    Diplomas (General, Professional, Part-time, Special)

    Master’s Degree in Education

    Doctorate Degree in Education


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