Faculty Council

 Responsibilities of Faculty Council:

 First: Responsibilities of Planning, Coordination, Organization and Follow-up:

 The Faculty Council is concerned with:

  -  Drawing the general policy for education and academic research at the Faculty as well as organizing and coordinating such policy among different departments

  -  Developing the plan of completing, supporting and establishing buildings, laboratories, equipment and library at the Faculty

 -  Preparing the faculty plan for missions, academic leaves and foreign grants

 -   Preparing a program for providing teaching staff at the Faculty

 -   Preparing the relevant policy which encourages study in some of the Faculty departments

  -  Preparing the relevant policy which helps faculty students to get books and notes easily and to encourage copyright in some materials

   - Drawing the general framework for work system in the Faculty departments and coordinating among the different departments

   - Endorsing the academic content of subject matters in the Faculty and coordinating among them in the different departments

   - Expressing opinions about the executive regulations of the universities and preparing the internal by-law of the faculty

   - Preparing the internal by-law of the faculty library

   - Organizing the admission of students at the faculty and determining their numbers

   - Organizing lessons, lectures, researches, exercises and examination procedures at the faculty

   - Discussing, reviewing and determining the annual report of the faculty and departments, and recommendations of the scientific conferences held at the faculty in the light of academic and educational progress, the demands and needs of society

   - Managing administrative and financial affairs at the faculty

   - Preparing the draft budget of the faculty

   - Following up the implementation of the public policy of the faculty and researches at the faculty

Second: Executive Responsibilities:

The Faculty Council is concerned with:

 -   Distributing funds to departments.

  -  Transferring and admitting students.

  -  Enrolling students in postgraduate programs, registering master’s and doctorate theses, nominating the members of viva committee and cancelling enrollment and registration.

  -  Distributing lessons, lectures and practical exercises.

   - Scheduling examinations, determining their procedures, forming committees, determining the duties of examiners and approving examinations results of the faculty.

   - Granting academic degrees, certificates and diplomas.

   - Nominating students for scholarships, grants, and sabbatical leaves.

   - Proposing the appointment and transfer of faculty members at the faculty.

   - Nominating teaching staff to teach in other faculties and hiring others to teach at the faculty.

   - Nominating teaching staff for scientific missions, grants, scholarships, and sabbatical leaves.

   - Caring for the social and sports affairs of students.

   - Suggesting the approval of donations, taking into account the provisions of Article VII.

   - Accepting the transfer of sophomore students pursuant to the regulations of the analogous faculties at other universities.


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