Faculty Goals

 Based upon the vision and mission of the faculty as well as the university strategy and the recent international trends, Mansoura Faculty of Education endeavors to fulfill the following objectives:

    Promoting the preparation of teachers through high quality programs in the different majors of general education from kindergartens to secondary schools

    Coping with the technological advances and employing them in all fields of teacher preparation through enhancing electronic education, educational networks, virtual laboratories and test items bank

    Developing the abilities of staff members and academic and administrative leaderships and encouraging them to acquire better technological and technical skills as well as the mastery of foreign languages for distinguished performance levels which will be reflected on the graduate’s level

    Developing graduate studies and conducting educational research which produce up-to-date educational knowledge, and implementing them for solving the authentic issues of education in particular and the educational system in general

    Reinforcing the concept of community participation and signing agreements and protocols for the cooperation between the faculty and the institutions of the private sector civil community for the purpose of varying funding sources and helping faculty alumni to find relevant jobs

Developing an efficient administrative body which is able to cope with the information age and quality standards

Ensuring the consistency of internal monitoring and continuous self-evaluation, studying the available technical resources, and identifying the required needs to ensure a better quality of performance in all areas (education – research – community service) in order to gain accreditation

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