Department of Educational Technology

The Aims of the Department:

1-providing awareness with the importance of education and technology to work at  the educational institutions .

2-providing students with general concepts of technological education and electronic education.

3-Improving awareness of the latest technology and its application in educational fields.

4-providing  students with the necessary skills to design , produce ,and use the latest technology in education.

5-Trainning students on the methods and  strategies of electronic  or remote education .

6-Giving interest to educational technology for disabled persons.

The Message of the Department

Providing awareness, preparing, and training students and researchers in the Department of Technology on designing, producing, using the latest technological education traditionally and electronically, so educational problems will be solved, and the educational output will be developed and improved according to the criteria and aims of quality.

The Vision of the Department:

Technological education should be a part of all educational practices in the educational institutions, providing students with technological and educational environment in which students and teachers are able to design and use all the latest technology which solves the educational problems and increases the efficiency and effect of education.

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Contact Us

Mansoura - 60 Elgomhoria st - Mansoura University - Faculty of Education

Tel.: +20 50 2244852
Fax:  +20 50 2269979
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