Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages, at Mansoura University's Faculty of Education, was inaugurated in 1969 - the establishment date of the Faculty.

Departmental Vision:

The Department of Foreign Languages, at Mansoura University's Faculty of Education, is considered an academic educational institution working laboriously on the advancement of knowledge in English and French and the implementation of both languages in the service of the Egyptian society in particular and the whole world in general. The Department also focuses on advancing the teaching and learning of both languages in the pre-university educational system in a way that achieves a comprehensive and constant human and social development in the Egyptian society in its communication with the Arab and foreign worlds.

Departmental Mission:

The Departmental mission is designed by building ideas and taking procedures for preparing professional personnel in teaching, translation, tourism and journalism in all the fields relating to the use of English and French in the Egyptian society. Direct tasks develop from this mission to create and prepare a brilliant teacher of English and of French before service and also to promote scientific research on teaching techniques, literature and linguistics.

Departmental goals:

To prepare the Egyptian students professionally in the domains of teaching, translation, tourism and journalism;

To be able to communicate and interact with students of and those who are interested in culture and English and French literatures;

To provide services to the environment and society with respect to the teaching and learning of English and French as foreign languages; and

To develop students' critical thinking skills in a way that enables them to cope with others' cultural parameters.


Mechanisms of realizing goals

The Department does its utmost to fulfill the vision and the mission through the following procedures and policies:

Preparing professional personnel in the arenas of literature, translation, journalism and education through high-quality teaching programs in all specialties and branches of English and French (literature, translation, phonetics, conversation and composition). The Department should also consider preparing brilliant professionals in the Egyptian society, characterized bystrong command of his academic major, perfect communicative and interactive skills in English and French and in all fields, a local, regional and global culture that enables them to emphasize identity and open-door policy;ability to use multimedia in the fields of foreign language teaching;conducting consultations and studies that contribute to the development of foreign languages in Egypt through effective participation with other Departments of Foreign Languages at different Egyptian universities; and

building the concept of comprehensive quality and putting it into practice.


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