Department of Mental Hygiene

The goals of the department:

       The department targets many theoretical and practical aims:  developing the cognitive aspects with the basic topics in mental health, raising awareness for the importance of mental health in constructing a productive society, and illustrating the connection between the individual’s mental health and his/her physical one for the former plays a role in personality integration as well as facing daily pressures. The department also aims at preparing academic and specialized staff who can play an effective role in spreading the culture of psychological well-being, raising awareness among the society’s different institutions for the important role the psychological factors play in upgrading society, and demonstrating how caring for psychological health is regarded as a human investment, yet one of the best.

The theoretical objectives include:

1.    Teaching  the faculty’s students academic curricula

2.    Scaling up the efficiency of the faculty’s graduates

3.    Conducting basicresearch to enrich knowledge on mental health topics

4.    Increasing the efficiency of the department’s post-graduates, MA and PhD holders

5.    Giving due attention to preparing university textbooks and curricula as well as developing them.

The practical objectives are:

1.    Training students on personal and clinical tests in the field of mental health

2.    Activating the counseling centre for it is one of the department’s pillars

3.    Caring about aspects of application in the department

The vision of the department:

       The department seeks to be a distinct one that collaborates with the college’s other departments; give attention to the practical sides in the preparation of undergraduate students as well as the postgraduate ones; conduct serious studies; promote student’s integrated personality; and enhance the level of psychological service through the counseling center, one of the department’s vital premises.

The mission the department:

1.    Paying attention to the theoretical and practical aspects of the students

2.    conducting theoretical and practical researches and discovering the talented students

3.    Giving attention to the researches of the department and encouraging students to excel

4.    Giving attention to post-graduate studies as well as MA and PhD students

5.    Giving care to the assisting staff members and enhancing their performance

6.    Conducting a constructive dialogue the junior members to ensure the distinction of the future staff members.


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