The department of foundations of education

The vision of the department:

     To achieve educational, social and research pioneering in different fields of educational foundationslocally and regionally.

The mission of the department:

1.    Preparing a teacher who is capable of developing and upgrading the profession in light of the contemporary educational visions and strategies.

2.    Preparing assiduous scholars distinguished in researching the educational issues and concerns.

3.    Enriching the educational field of knowledge through producing valuable educational theses and papers; sophisticated academic writings; and meaningful academic articles.

4.    Providing consultative services and educational experiences to the encompassing society.

5.    Reinforcing ties with the parallel academic departments and the local/regional educational communities

 The Aims of the department:

The department of the Foundations of Education aims at achieving the following goals:

1.    Contributing to achieving the vision and the message of the faculty.

2.    Elevating the educational performance inside the department through updating and developing the academic curricula and their teaching methods so that they would keep pace with the information and technology developments.

3.    Developing the postgraduate studies in the department on the level of the diplomas, Masters and Ph.D theses; directing conferences and research toward generating modern educational knowledge and employing it into the treatment of the real issues and problems faced by education in particular and the whole educational system in general;  and forming the research plans which would achieve that.

4.    Improving the academic productivity of the staff members in the department through participating the conferences and seminars and encouraging authorships and translations.

5.    Supporting the concept of community involvement through directing the researches done toward solving the problems of education in Addaqahlia governorate, contributing to the programs of professional development for the teachers in Addaqahlia governorate, and cooperating with the civic society establishments that share similar interests with the department.

6.    Performing constant self-evaluation in the department, specifying the flaws in performance and putting suitable plans for improvement that would go with the quality system in the faculty.




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