Psychological counseling center


The Center seeks to be a specialized professional scientific institution with a distinguished position at the level of Egypt and the Arab world in providing high quality psychological services to help each individual to invest all his energies and potentials to the maximum extent and achieve personal and social harmony and mental health and enjoy a better life.


The Center dedicates all its human and material resources to provide a wide range of psychological services to individuals from all segments, categories and age groups so that they can be personally and socially compatible, feel psychologically satisfied, enjoy mental health, lead a better life and perform their different roles efficiently and effectively and contribute positively to the advancement of their societies.


 Provide psychological counseling, social counseling and management of various community institutions inside and outside the university.
   Organization of training courses and programs in the psychology of management and vocational and psychological rehabilitation of workers in  Implementation of educational and educational programs for educational institutions and institutions from kindergarten to university.

 Designing youth mentoring programs that meet their needs and motivations and lead to their protection from destructive intellectual currents and behavioral deviations.
   Training faculty members in the areas of academic guidance for students in light of the culture of quality standards and accreditation.


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Mansoura - 60 Elgomhoria st - Mansoura University - Faculty of Education

Tel.: +20 50 2244852
Fax:  +20 50 2269979
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