Quality Assurance Unit


Achieve a high level of performance and maintain high achievement in order to qualify for accreditation and win the trust and satisfaction of the beneficiaries.


The unit should play a leading role in achieving and maintaining the quality of institutional and academic performance, continuously upgrading the educational and research process, and serving the students and the environment in order to achieve the mission of the college.


1. Spreading a culture of quality among faculty members, students and employees of faculty and workplaces.

2. Determine the vision, mission and strategic goals of the college.

3. Assessment of the needs of the various activities in the college.

4. Create an integrated database for the college.

5. Training cadres of faculty members as trainers in the field of quality management (institutional capacity building).

6. Follow-up the processes of characterization of courses and curricula, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of them, and presenting suggestions and appropriate means to overcome them.

7. Design and prepare forms of forms or tools necessary for the evaluation, which helps in the development of a system for evaluation and follow-up college.

8. Open channels of communication with institutions interested in quality assurance in university education to exchange experiences and maximize interest.

9. Follow-up development projects in college.

10. Encourage the principle of community participation for continuous improvement and support the results of quality.

11. Support continuous improvement processes to ensure that college graduates can meet the demands of the labor market and enjoy high competitive advantage.

 12.Preparing the annual report and self-study of the college.

 13.Get Accreditation.

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