Committees Supervised by the Vice-Dean3

 · Graduate Studies & Research Committee: Vice-Dean's Tasks

- Preparing the faculty graduate studies & research plan in accordance with the departments' and specialized committees' suggestions and following up its implementation in the different departments

- Coordinating academic research among the different faculty departments  

- Preparing a draft budget for the faculty academic research according to the proposed programs, and defining the guidelines for expenditure

- Updating academic degrees and graduate studies' programs and plans

- Supervising the faculty academic research affairs in addition to collecting, publishing, and disseminating academic research inside and outside Egypt

- Considering the recommendations of department council meetings with regard to MA and PhD registrations and supervisors' reports, and appointing viva committees before submitting them to the faculty council

· External Cultural Affairs Committee: Vice-Dean's Tasks

- Drawing up the faculty plan for missions and study grants according to the departments' suggestions

- Working out a strategy for developing and coordinating the staff's academic missions, and reviewing reports and recommendations submitted at the end of such academic missions

- Suggesting a general program for the faculty contributions to conferences, academic sessions and seminars, organizing the staff's participation in such gatherings in and off campus, and encouraging the publication of research and reports that come out

· Libraries Committee: Vice-Dean's Tasks

- Drawing up a plan for the enhancement of academic projects

- Preparing a library budget draft for purchasing necessary books, references, and periodicals

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