About Excellent Education Programs

The academic programs include the following sub-groups:


Teaching  Math & Science in English (Basic Education) including:

 1- Mathematics Branch

2- Science Branch


Teaching Math & Science in English (General Education) including:

1-Mathematics Branch

2-Chemistry Branch

3-Physics Branch

4- Biology & Geology

Scientific Degrees

These programs in teaching math and science in English enable students to earn a BS degree in one of the following majors:

Basic Education:

1-Mathematics           2-Science

General Education:

1-Chemistry       2-Physics      3- Mathematics

4-Geology and Biology

Admission Requirements

1- Meeting the admission requirements set by the Supreme Council of Universities

2- The Certificate of General Secondary Education or an equivalent certificate from countries other than Egypt

3-Full commitment of time to study at college

4-Passing interviews and the medical check-up

PS: Students with a certificate of general secondary education from German language schools or French language schools are allowed to join the German branch and the French branch respectively.

 Tuition Fees of programs

Tuition Fees for Egyptian students for one academic year are five thousand Egyptian pounds.

System of study

·         Study in faculty of Education is two-fold; theoretical and practical. In order to attain the first university degree students should study for four years. Each year is divided into two terms and each term ends with examination.

·         Credit hours can be applied in faculties of Education

·         Study in faculty of Education can be divided into two stages:

First stage: First and second grades

Second stage: Third and fourth grades

            A student will not be able to join the next stage unless s\he succeeds in all academic courses or at least s\he fails in two subjects. But s\he will be examined later in the same courses when s\he joins the next stage. 


·         A student should attend at least 75% during each semester regarding his\her theoretical or practical lessons for each course and no permission for holidays. A student will not be allowed to attend his\her final exam if his\her attendance percentage does not reach the standard limit. According to the report of the course instructor the department council will decide that the student will not be permitted to have final exam.

·         The student's registration will be cancelled if s\he faces permanent absence due to illness or whatever. According to documented certificates that justify the cause of absence and the faculty council will approve the decision.

Field Experience & Student Teaching

1.      The student teaching semester is the culmination of any teacher-education program. It allows teacher candidates to of pedagogy to apply knowledge from their course work to real teaching situation over an extended period of time.

2.      Students are expected to demonstrate qualities of independence, maturity and ability to meet deadlines throughout their course of study .They have the opportunity to tutor, coach, and teach in classrooms. Experiences in this field include:

a.       Micro-teaching in second year( four hours weekly)

b.      Student teaching in third year for a day every week during the semester and for a week by the end of the term. Students have many opportunities in their course work to interact with preparatory-aged students

c.       Student teaching in fourth year for a day every week during the semester and for a week by the end of the term. Students have many opportunities in their course work to interact with secondary-aged students

Students have hundred degrees in the two years and they will be added to their total marks by the end of the academic year.

Evaluation and Examination System

1)      Each course has fifteen degrees for each theoretical hour in addition to twenty five degrees for each practical hour or discussion. They will be distributed as follows:

·         As to theoretical courses, thirteen degrees will be dedicated to the continuous evaluation of the course throughout the whole term and 70% will be for the final exam

·         As to practical courses, 15% will be devoted to the degrees of the academic course and 70% for the final written exam

2)      A student should gain 50% of the final written or practical exam degrees in order to pass

3)      If the examination paper contains more than one subject, student should pass in each course

4)      If a student misses attending the written exam, s\he will be considered absent and s\he must attend again all related exams

5)      By the end of any term, the time of the written final exam in all academic years will be as follows:

·         Two hours for the course that will be taught in three hours only

·         Three hours for the course that will be taught in more than three hours

6)      Committees of written exams consist of two professors and other three ones for oral and practical exams 

7)      An exam is held in September for second and fourth year students who have failed in more than one academic course

8)      Students who fail in student teaching will not be allowed to be examined any other subject

9)      Students cannot be considered successful unless they get at least 60% of the degrees of the subject. They will be evaluated as follows:

·         Excellent: from 90% to 100%

·         Very good: 80% <90%

·         Good: 70% <80%

·         Pass: 60% <70%

10)  Students will be honored if their grades are excellent or very good 


 The Studying Plan
for preparing programs of mathematics and science teachers in English for Basic Education "the first year "and General Education "

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