Faculty of education, Mansoura University Hosts the Minister of Education

On this Saturday, 14th of January, 2017, the faculty of education, Mansoura University hosted Prof. Alhilaly Alshirbeeny Alshirbeeny Hilaly, the Minister of Education, to discuss the Masters dissertation by the researcher Iman Yassin Abdullatif, entitled as: "The Development of the Secondary School Teachers' Awareness of their Legal Rights and Professional Duties in the Light of their Professional Tasks- A Field Study". He was received by Prof. Ashraf Abdulbasit, the Vice head of the students and educational affairs ; Prof. Ashraf Soweilam, Vice Head of High Education and Researches; Prof. Asmaa Mostafa, the Dean of Faculty of Education; Prof. Mohammed Hassanein Abdo Al-Agamy, Vice Dean of High Studies and Researhes; Prof. Zubayda Mohamed Quorani, the Vice Dean of Educational and Students Affairs; Prof. Mohammed Abd Alsamaei Rizq, the Vice Dean of the Environmental and Societal Affairs; Prof. Salah Mouawad; Prof. Mohamed Attwa; Prof. Adel Mansour; and other members of the staff at the Faculty of Education.


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